Saturday, 10 June 2017

Why freelancing is better than regular job ?

Most of the freelancer says that freelancing is better than a regular job, yes they are right as I also experience the same thing. I have worked in companies as for 4-5 years and now working as a freelancer. now I am feeling better and earning more.

so let's discuss in detail and also let me share my experience with all those who wants to get an answer to this question. 

working in the company

every freelancer start working as a regular employee in the company and everyone should be because there are benefits to starting working in an organization. later he becomes a freelancer . in an organization you have to be on time, you have to work continuously without any break except lunch or tea break. you can not stop working if you do not want, there are many more limitations which keep the employee in a cage.

Another factor which no one like less salary according to your experience and skills. most of the companies do not offer a good package with experience and seniority level which is a big reason to leave the company and work independently as a freelancer. there are policies also for employees in every company which does not fit for every person, like leaves, dress code etc all these rules irritates most of the employees. working environments may cause many to leave the company.

employees do whatever they are offered from their team lead or manager, they can not work on their favorite projects, which is also a negative point. so all these reasons are which makes working in the company is a bad choice even after getting good experience.

Working as a freelancer

opposite to this working as a freelancer is awesome as they have their own rules means no rules :). they can work on their favorite jobs as there are hundreds of jobs daily comes to freelancing websites. no dress code no leave problems and wherever you can sit or lay down to work, no one gonna stopyou.. working as a freelancer means improving your skills and opportunity.

Now come to your salary, many people think that can a freelancer earn more than working as regular job? anser is yes they can and they are earning much more than regular employee. freelancing gives you the opportunity to earn according to your skill and expereince level. you can set your hourly rates and client will pay you for no. of hours you will work for them. you get paid every hour, not like companies who pays you 10 days later, which is really creepy.

so now you have complete idea that which one is better, many of would be thinking to leave their job now, but do not do this, first make your profile good only then leave the job.

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Friday, 9 June 2017

Not getting project? start again with these guidelines

This is obvious when a new freelancer come to freelancing and don't get any reply or project. this is the situation every new freelancer go through, it happens because of their way of bidding and freelancing or may be because of too much competition.

but don't be depressed and never give up because there are hundreds of jobs posted daily on freelancing websites and if you have some skills then you will definitely get the projects. new freelancer doesn't understand how these freelancing websites work really, as they don't know on which job they have to apply, what to write in the proposal and how to present yourself through the cover letter.

Below I have listed few points which a new freelancer need to keep in mind and apply on your way of freelancing and bidding.

Make changes in profile

1. First of all be hopeful that you will definitely get the project.
2. check your profile then, make it complete by 100% with all relevant tests and portfolios.
3. look happy in your profile pic this gives a psychological effect to the client , the picture should be clear.
4. now check what you have written in your bio or overview, make it correct if anything missing like explains what you have done in past - qualification, your interest to that kind of jobs, past work history, skills etc. don't make any spelling mistake and arrange everything in the proper format.

Selection of jobs

1. bid on jobs which are relevant to your skills and also according to your profile level. if you are new then only bid on beginner jobs (as mentioned in upwork). 
2. do not bid on unverified client jobs, this will just waste your bid, your time and will make you depressed because this type of client doesn't come to hire the freelancer, they just make experiments with your cover letters or something else. 
3. start bidding on small jobs around $20 to $50. 
4. you may choose country according to you but according to my experience only bid on NORTH AMERICAN COUNTRIES, EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, and AUSTRALIA. these countries have the real client as compare to other countries. 

Writing good proposal

now it comes to the most important part which convinces the client and will offer you a job.

writing an effective proposal is not difficult you have to only write about client requirement and offer him that yes you have done this in past by showing similar examples if you have no example then offer him that you are ready to work on sample job for you. this is the best way to show your skills and convince the client.

before writing proposal don't forget to read and understand client requirement if you don't get his requirement then don't bid . do not write anything which is not relevant to client requirement, make it look good, do not make spelling mistakes, give proper spacing etc. 

With this guidelines, you will definitely get your first project and when you will get first feedback after completing this job then jobs will come to you easily. so just keep all these tricks in mind during freelancing on any freelancing website.

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

How and what to write in freelancing proposal

writing a proposal is most important part of freelancing and getting projects.this is what with which you have to impress the client that why you are the best.

freelancing is all about how you convince your client with your proposal and profile.the first thing client go through is your proposal then it goes to all other parameters. so writing a convincing and impressive proposal is most important in grabbing projects.

one must write a  job proposal only after going through the detailed job description and its conditions. if you can fulfill all those conditions and you are confident to make it complete according to client requirement only then proceed with the proposal. writing an effective proposal is not difficult process.

you have to just read requirement and start writing your proposal. always start with greetings which show a respect to client and make you sensible person. write about client requirement in detailed and mention that you have been done this job before (if you have been done this before only) and mention previous work URL or any proof. this will built a belief in the client to work with you. 

explain client requirement with the more suitable option that could be tried in this project to make it more feasible and to get maximum output.
show your portfolios as proof of examples, keep in mind that example should be relevant to that job otherwise it could be a bad impression. everything should be in proper manner and structure, no spelling mistake, proper paragraph, and spacing.

after explaining everything you must write that you are available to discuss in detail on this requirement or job as this gives the client a compatibility to work with you. end your proposal with thanks after answering all general questions.

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Best skills to earn money from freelancing

There are only a few skills which can give you maximum money through freelancing, here we have discussed those skills which are best from earning maximum money point of view.

There are many freelancers experienced or fresher which usually ask that which sector or what skills are best to earn in lacs ? the reason behind this question is competition and lack of salaries in companies. so every working employee of any company or any freelancer usually tries to find out this question's answer. 

according to IT industry maximum people who are not working in coding or programming line are not happy with their earning because there are many people with same skills as compare to programing line. aprt from progrraming sector there are jobs but no. of people with those skills are in huge numbers. this is the reason client go with that person who can make thier job in minimum rates.

programming is difficult for maximum people, just because of this only few smart people can learn those skillslike android development, ios development, php, .net etc. these are the people who are earning maximum inIT indusrty just because of their skills and less no. of programmers. 

so if you are new in IT industry and you have just completed your graduation so go for programming if you have brain and interst to code. this is is the best freelancing skills which can give you lacsin your bank account. there are many sub sectors in programing line like android, ios, .net etc choose what suits your interest best.

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What is bidding or project bidding

So this is my first post on this blog, where I will try to clear all your doubts and queries about "WHAT IS ONLINE BIDDING". Bidding has only one meaning and that is "making effort to win a deal or project on the web". 

So with this definition, we proceed ahead. when it comes to online bidding so there are many websites and applications where we can see bidding process. some websites or apps are running which focus on products, some of the deals and other are focusing on projects bidding. In this our aim is to define online bidding for projects.

Online bidding for projects is all about getting projects through online portals like UPWORK, FREELANCER, GURU, PEOPLEPERHOURetc. these online portals list the projects from different categories like IT, ACCOUNTING, MEDICAL, SALES, AND MARKETING etc. 

You can check yourself by going on these websites etc. when you will go to these websites you will see projects with their title and description. you can select the category for which you want to bid and also can set all other parameters accordingly yo your search like budget, time, client history etc.

Online bidding is mainly trying to get projects from these online portals. Here you have to just create your profile on these online portals and bid on jobs with your cover letter and answering few questions to the client (if the client has asked questions). after bidding client will receive your application and will select the best application from the total application he or she has received from other bidders also.

So this is what online bidding is, rest we will discuss in our next post. if you have any query or questions related to online bidding then please let me know through the comment or you can connect with me through social channels. Thanks

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Best Website or Portal For Online Bidding

After getting knowledge about  "what is online biddingin our last post, next step is to know which portal or website is best to bid and to get good projects. Here in this post, I will tell you about which one is best and why. this post will help all new bidders and new freelancer who want to work alone by getting a project from online portals.

<img src="i am happy to work with upwork.jpeg" alt="i am happy to work with upwork">
I am happy to work with

In last 2-3 years, I have got many experiences related to bidding and these online portals. I am bidding on all popular bidding websites like upwork , freelancer, guru, people per hour etc. among these I have worked on upwork the most because of its ease of bidding and searching job easily. On upwork the user interface is really good where you can easily bid on your favorite jobs by adjusting all parameters like budget, client history, job category etc.

I have found, Upwork is best for bidding as compared to other platforms. Here on upwork you can easily create your account (now they are not allowing new account in few categories due to lack of jobs or competition). but you can try any time may be they can allow it anytime. after completing your account you start bidding on your category jobs.

Bidding on upwork is very easy, as I told you before you can bid on your favorite job by selecting according to parameters. there are many parameters available on upwork like category of job, type of job hourly or fixed, according to time and budget, payment verified client etc. you can choose jobs according to no. of applicant who has been applied for that job already. with this your chances to get that project are higher due to less application on that job.

Moving ahead with payment, here on upwork your payment is secured whether you working on fixed amount job or hourly as upwork already saved the payment in its account and transfer to you. In hourly rate project, you get per hour. Now upwork has limited the no. of the job (30 JOBS IN MONTH WITH 60 CONNECTS ONLY) on which we can apply, which is a good move. 
In this case, either you can buy more connects and place your bid or you need to spend $1 for one connect means to place 1 bid you need to buy 2 connects after you spend your 60 free connects.

So, according to my experience and which I have heard from other bidder and freelancer, is the best platform to bid and get a job. I would recommend you to use upwork if you are going to start bidding yourself and working as a freelancer.

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Why Upwork is Suspending Account

Hi, Recently I answered all your answers in the last post - Upwork questions and answers which client usually asks in upwork job post, these questions are called upwork additional questions. You all were very happy with getting answers to all these questions' answers. 

<img src="freelancer upwork account suspended.jpeg" alt=" freelancer upwork account suspended">
why upwork suspending account
But Today what we going to discuss is related to some serious problem and this problem is "Upwork is suspending accounts for both freelancer and clients". Many of us have been experienced this tragedy without getting any notification from upwork about this. People are complaining about this toUpwork community, asking questions on Quora and on other relevant blogs and websites. But according to me, Upwork is doing all this to make it more powerful and trustworthy.

So let's discuss why upwork is suspending accounts and what we can do in this situation. Me too have gone through this situation as my partner's account got suspended a few weeks ago. many people saying their account got suspended even they had not violated any terms and condition of upwork and few are accepting that they had violated upwork's conditions in different manners like in the case of freelancers they were sending their email or skype id in the cover letter. 

Many saying that we were applying for jobs different from their job category . for example android freelancer applying on a sales job. In this situations, few were accepting that they have been applied to many jobs but did not get any reply that's why their account got suspended. So do not do all these things which violate upwork terms and conditions. Read all terms and conditions carefully again.

So these are the reasons which are forcing Upwork to suspend their account for a freelancer without any notification. but the same problem is for clients also as few have experienced the same problem. Even few clients had very good profiles with a lot of money spent and had good reviews from freelancers. 


 So what you gonna do after account got suspended, you will complain to upwork help center, you will ask about this on upwork community and on upwork Facebook page. what else you can do? you can wait also :). 

To help you in this I will share my experience in the same situation as I told you, my partner's account has been suspended without any notification. when we open our profile a few weeks back we saw our account has been suspended and there was a message in red color -
"if you don't know the reason please contact upwork help

Our next step was we contacted upwork help center through upwork Facebook page. There we told them about our problem and in reply they gave us an email address where we had to complain about this. Then we sent a mail to that email address and explain everything, after 2 days we got a reply where they told me to please submit all your relevant academic and experienced document which are related to your profile and your skills and explain in detail what you think why your account suspended. 

Now we have submitted all our document but still waiting for the response. But we are sure that we will get back our profile back as upwork is doing all that to protect their value in the market. they are doing this for good reason so just keep yourself calm and do whatever upwork tells you to follow.

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Beginner's guide to get project on freelancing websites

If you are new on freelancing websites or you want to work as a freelancer then this beginner guide is for you. In the last post, we have been studied why upwork suspending your account, so in this post, I have clearly mentioned that do not attempt these ideas in bidding.

So moving on to our guide to help all freelancer who is new, first step comes with selecting your freelancing website. if you do not know which one is best then please read our post here about best website or portal for online bidding. Here in this post, you will get complete idea that which one is good for you and why.

after getting to know best website next step is to create profile on the website. during creating a profile there are few important things like describe your skills clearly, add your professional photo with a smiley face, complete all relevant tests and add your portfolio means your previously done project if you have otherwise you do not need.

after creating profile next thing is to start bidding with your cover letter. in this phase, you have to focus on the type of jobs which are best for you and are from your skills related. this is an important part if you want to succeed in freelancing. select fixed jobs than hourly, small jobs like $50 to $100. only apply to those jobs which have verified their payment. try to bid on that job which you think you can complete with best results.

So in this, we have talked about selecting best websites for freelancing, creating profile and bidding. most important part of this complete process is your selection of job and your cover letter. about writing best cover I will describe this in our next post very soon. so till then try to bid on the best job as you are new and you have no experience in freelancing. 

In short -
1. create profile on best website
2. complete your profile first with tests, portfolio etc
3. select small, fixed and skill-related jobs only to bid.
4. keep your hourly rate to the minimum.
5. bid with the best cover letter.

Note: Do not mention your contact detail in the cover letter and in your introduction on the profile.

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Which topic is good for being a freelancer?

Most of the freshers have this question in mind that which line or topic they should choose to start their career?

they are looking little confused with their career as in today's world many opportunities are there for fresher to go with. so talking about which subject or topic or line is good for being a freelancer I would like to explain this in detail which will help you a lot in making a better decision.

As i have 5 years experience in information technology field and I am linked with almost every line of IT, so I can explain you better. in my opinion android development and ios development is best for today's competitive world. the reason behind this is that android and ios has great and secure future, in coming years every business would have need app rather than website becoz most of the people would be using mobile not desktop.

then more no. of developer will be required to full fill these requirements. being an android developer or ios developer is not easy as it takes a lot of hard work and one must have that level brain to learn programming to deal with any kind of problem. you can choose it as for being a freelancer too as there are a lot of jobs are being posted on freelancing websites.

so my conclusion is that if you are not able to decide that which line is better for future or being a freelancer then I would like to tell you to choose ios or android as it has good and secure future.

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freelancing bidding tips
freelancing bidding tips