Thursday, 8 June 2017

Which topic is good for being a freelancer?

Most of the freshers have this question in mind that which line or topic they should choose to start their career?

they are looking little confused with their career as in today's world many opportunities are there for fresher to go with. so talking about which subject or topic or line is good for being a freelancer I would like to explain this in detail which will help you a lot in making a better decision.

As i have 5 years experience in information technology field and I am linked with almost every line of IT, so I can explain you better. in my opinion android development and ios development is best for today's competitive world. the reason behind this is that android and ios has great and secure future, in coming years every business would have need app rather than website becoz most of the people would be using mobile not desktop.

then more no. of developer will be required to full fill these requirements. being an android developer or ios developer is not easy as it takes a lot of hard work and one must have that level brain to learn programming to deal with any kind of problem. you can choose it as for being a freelancer too as there are a lot of jobs are being posted on freelancing websites.

so my conclusion is that if you are not able to decide that which line is better for future or being a freelancer then I would like to tell you to choose ios or android as it has good and secure future.

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freelancing bidding tips