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I am Sumit Rajput,  I started my career in Android development and now working as a freelancer . In bidding its been more than 2 years. I have created this blog to help everyone who wants to get projects through online portals like upwork.comfreelancer.com etc. 

Here on this blog, I will post regularly about online bidding tips, which will help you lot in how to bid well on all online portals to get projects. As I have been said that I have around 2 years experience in Online Bidding and working as a freelancer for many private companies on a percentage basis. I am bidding on all portals which I have listed in my first post - What is online bidding.

I have my own profile also on these bidding portals and I am getting really good projects. In last 3 years in Bidding I have learnt a lot about how to bid very well on all these portals using best cover letter. There are many factors in bidding which affect your bid, which I will reveal in my next post. so stay updated with latest tips and tricks to bid and to win projects.

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I hope this blog will help you in getting projects from all online portals.

Thanks !

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